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The best thing you can do to keep your coffee fresh is to use special coffee canister. These are engineered specifically to protect coffee from its two most deadly enemies: fresh air (oxygen) and light (UV rays).

When it comes to coffee, flavor is king. Wherever you go, coffee lovers and coffee enthusiasts are always trying out a hundred different methods just to affect the taste of their coffee in the smallest of ways. 

But, beyond strange or exotic ways to make coffee, the best thing we can do for flavor is to look out for the freshness of our coffee. Coffee that isn’t fresh will have a bland taste and a disappointing aroma. Something so simple like not leaving the coffee bag open on the counter could make a world of difference. 

Since there are endless products like these in the market right now, we took our time to make a practical list with some of the best products right now. 

And here’s our list with reviews of each of the coffee canisters: 

Monarch Dominion’s “Enjoy the Good Life” canister

Our first and possibly our favorite item on this list is a coffee canister with scoop that has a very different look than most others. Made entirely of high-grade stainless steel, this coffee bean canister still manages to look good. It has a blue, sort of teal color which the brand calls Acqua – very tasteful. 

Looks are not the most important thing, of course. It all comes down to the two best features of this product: the coffee scoop, which is on a different level than we usually see. It actually looks like a Barista’s tool: durable, has a good grip, and it’s made of good materials. It’s a great change from all the mass-produced coffee scoops we usually see.

Finally, we have the date marker. It’s at the center of the lid and it lets us mark the day of the month on which we poured a new batch of coffee. It’s amazing for keeping track of how long our coffee’s been stored – and how fresh it is. Simply amazing. 

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Veken Coffee Pot

Made of stainless steel, this canister introduces a one way CO2 valve that helps CO2 escape from the container without letting any type of air or gas into the container. The valve is not immune to wear and tear and it supposedly loses some of its strength in a matter of 6 to 10 months. Not to worry: this product already comes with six replacement valves, lasting around three to four years in total. 

As for the canister itself, it’s sturdy, which inspires confidence. The scoop doesn’t feel as durable or tough as the rest of the canister, but we feel that the design -which makes it super easy to scoop ground coffee without spilling- more than makes up for this. 

It comes in several colors: gray, black, plain steel, and yellow. 

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Marble Pattern

Sacrificing air-tight canisters for a different style of canister, we have here one of the best amongst them. This jar is made of ceramic and has a 100% natural bamboo lid including a silicone seal – it might not be air-tight, but it comes pretty close. 

This is a handcrafted product, made to look like marble. It is actually quite beautiful to look at and, since it’s made from ceramic, quite good at keeping light out as well as good at keeping heat out. 

These come in different sizes, depending on your needs. Biggest one holds just over two pounds. 

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BARVIVO Coffee Pot

The BARVIVO comes with just about everything that a coffee canister can offer: a date tracker, a CO2 valve, and a coffee scoop. It’s also got special anti-slip material on its surface, making sure we don’t drop it by accident.  You can use it as your percolator coffee pot

In terms of aesthetics, it’s definitely one of the classiest canisters we could ever ask for. It holds 1.5lbs of coffee which makes it the largest one in our list yet. 

The airtight seal is incredibly secure and feels much better crafted than most others: it’s sturdy and it doesn’t jiggle out of place. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other looks or colors for this canister. Black is, after all, the most practical color for freshness-keeping purposes.

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Siwanamu Coffee Storage

If you plan to maximize flavor, keeping things clean is also very important. Coffee beans, after all, are rich in oils. These oils are responsible for a great part of the aroma and flavor of coffee – but they can also stick to surfaces, where they go rancid and start to smell. 

Though some people might dismiss this as the natural way of things, your canister shouldn’t have to reek of stale coffee. Siwanamu includes a cleaning brush which will help you get rid of those pesky oils. Keep things clean and keep your coffee as flavorful as possible!

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HOKEKI Canister

The thing about HOKEKI is that they know what they’re doing. This is a company with a lot of experience at making all sorts of home amenities; their products are widely reviewed and guaranteed to work perfectly. 

That is true with their coffee canister. It is made of stainless steel and it comes as is or with a coat of black or rose gold. All three are gorgeous, although the rose gold stands out from most other brands. 

This is a coffee canister of high quality, made with food grade materials. It features a date marker, a coffee scoop and a semi-hard rubber seal that helps give the air-tight seal an extra tightness. 

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Oggi Canister

Unlike other canisters, the Oggi comes with a glass lid that works exactly like other lids in terms of air-tightness and seal but is, well… made of glass. 

It’s actually nice having at least the lid be transparent, that way you can check out the contents of the canister without having to open it. If you’re someone forgetful or the kind of person who keeps a lot of canisters and containers around, this is way better than having to open the canister and letting oxygen into it. 

The only precaution you have to take is keeping it away from sunlight or simply covering the lid. 

This canister is made of simple stainless steel and does not come with a coffee scoop. There are two versions, one with the word “coffee” on it and one with the word “tea” on it, which is slightly smaller. 

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Bean Envy Coffee Pot

The Bean Envy canister is the whole thing. It has a silicone base, it has great color options to choose from and it has just about everything else that you would expect from a good coffee canister: date tracker, coffee scoop, etc.

Still, being a brand that deals with other coffee-related products, you would expect something a little different. A little more premium – but instead you get a different version of the same thing. 

The price is very good, though, so there’s no reason to complain about it. Still a great coffee canister!

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Coffee Gator Canister

Taking it one or several steps further, the Coffee Gator canister is made of surgical-grade stainless steel, making it much more hygienic and durable than most other types of stainless steel. True stainless steel.

Furthermore, this product comes with an insanely convenient little container made of stainless steel and glass. It’s not as air-tight as the main product but it’s great for taking either beans or ground coffee with you on camping trips or other similar occasions. A great extra with added value that doesn’t add to the price tag!

The MOICO canister reminds us a lot of the siwanamu canister because of the design and colors and, well, even the product pictures are quite similar. It’s also similar to the Gator canister in that it comes with a little small container – a travel container, ideal for carrying small quantities of coffee with you. In case of emergency, open the travel container! 

The quality is much like the better products on this list while the price range is very much on the lower spectrum. A great quality/value relation here and definitely something attractive about this product.

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DOWAN Ceramic Coffee Canister

Going for another kind of style, we have the DOWAN all-white canister with a bamboo lid and a silicone ring. There isn’t air-tight sealing here but still we get a very good degree of protection. The white, clean ceramic is a kind of look that just goes great in any kind of kitchen.

The hassle of regular canisters is also a thing that many of us would like to avoid if possible. They are chunky and very hard to clean. This ceramic canister is simple and very easy to clean. Sometimes, simple is better – and canisters like these prove it. It makes it so worth it to drop the whole air-tigh thing for a more convenient, simple option like this. 

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This canister is one of a kind. Highly praised, this canister opts out of the conventional shape and sizes of today’s coffee canisters to go for a more ergonomic design. 

It is much easier to handle, takes up way less space and all this while still handling just as much coffee as any other canister. It’s significantly less chunky, with no outer parts – the coffee spoon, for example, is stored inside of the canister rather than on the outside. This keeps it free of dirt and aromas that might later interfere with our coffee’s freshness!

All in all, this canister seems like one of the more serious options on our list.

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Jessie Ceramic Coffee Storage

While not particularly a very coffee-friendly choice, these canisters make a great addition to a kitchen that doesn’t see as much coffee action as others. 

Instead, these canisters -armed with a bamboo lid and made of fine porcelain- are perfect for storing any kind of food and are perfectly capable of doubling as coffee canisters if the situation calls for it. 

However, we do not recommend them for storing ground coffee, as it could go stale rather quickly. Do store coffee beans for up to five days in these canisters! 

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KKC Canister

Get a completely different choice with a see-through canister that’s made of the same type of glass than coffee makers like the Chemex are made of: borosilicate glass. 

While see-through canisters are a risky choice for coffee lovers, the solution is as simple as storing them somewhere safe or simply covering them up whenever you’re not using them. Plus, they are great to look at in your kitchen and you can easily tell how much coffee you have left. 

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EVAK Canister

The EVAK canister is engineered to be superior. The air-tight feature here is so good that your coffee will keep good for as long as it can— no extra work on your part. It’s the ultimate product for coffee lovers, tea lovers, and a favorite product for baristas.

Although the price is the highest of all products on our list, the EVAK canister is superior both in its ability to preserve freshness and its aesthetics. It is 100% worth its price, which isn’t really that far from others on the list. 

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