10 Mouth Watering Cold Brew Coffee Recipes You Must Try



You know it better than we do: there’s simply no better way to start off your morning than with a fresh cup of cold brew coffee. The right cup of coffee can boost your mood and your productivity, getting you closer to where you need to be. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy finding the perfect flavored cold brew coffee. Sometimes, getting your hands on that unbeatable recipe seems almost impossible.

Against this backdrop, we’d like to go over ten of the best cold brew coffee recipes we’ve discovered. By trying out the recipes in this guide, you’ll be one step closer to perfecting your morning routine. The recipes included in this list are designed to bring you a variety of flavors so that you can find the one that’s right for you. 

With this in mind, keep reading to discover that perfect recipe!

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

If it’s your first time making cold-brew coffee, you may understandably mistake it for standard iced coffee. It’s important to note that the two are wildly different. Here’s how: even the coldest of iced coffee was once brewed in hot water and then subsequently chilled. Cold brew coffee is literally what it sounds like. From beginning to end, this type of coffee never touches hot water. Instead, it requires coffee grounds to steep in cold water for several hours (though recipes vary past this point). 

By understanding the difference between these two different types of coffee, you’ll be better able to find the recipe that’s right for you. As such, make sure to keep it in mind as you continue reading this ultimate guide to cold brew coffee!

In light of all this information, it’s time to take a look at some of the best cold brew coffee drinks around. The following recipes come from some of the most reputable cooking sites around, meaning they’re sure to add the perfect touch to your morning. Make sure to read until the end to find the one that’s best for you and your taste buds.  


Cookinglight claims that their cold brew recipe will improve your morning—and after reading their delicious-looking recipe, we agree! 

Their simple recipe will take some time to make—24 hours, to be exact—but it will offer up one of the best-tasting cold brews imaginable. 

To make this great-tasting brew you’ll need to get some coarse coffee beans and steep them in cold water. Do note that you’ll never want to use hot water in your cold brew—even when brewing. 

This simple recipe calls for two ingredients: 2.5 cups of coarsely-ground coffee (either medium or dark-roast) and 12 cups of water. 

After brewing your coffee grounds in your container, you’ll need to strain it so that you can remove any large particles. This is best done using a cheesecloth, and you may need to do this more than one time (until your brew is no longer murky). 

When this is complete, you’re ready to mix with water, milk, or our favorite creamer and pour over ice!

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Downshiftology also offers a flavorful cold brew that you’ll not want to miss out on. Their simple recipe helps nearly anyone make the perfect cup of cold brew. 

Note that this recipe is designed for coffee drinkers who are looking to enjoy their coffee for up to a week at a time. That’s right—designed to fit your long-term plans, this recipe can be prepared on Sunday and refrigerated to provide a flavorful morning beverage throughout the week. 

This means less work and more enjoyment for you. 

To do this, make sure you keep the following in mind: 

  • Brewing Ratio: Downshiftology notes that you’ll need to have a ratio of 4:1—that is, four cups of water for every one cup of coffee beans. Follow this unless you’re planning on making your cold brew in a mason jar—then, you’ll need to use a ratio of 3 cups of water to ¾ cups of beans. If you want to make more than this, double the recipe so that you can keep your ratio consistent. 
  • Coarseness: Make sure that you’re not using fine coffee beans. Instead, you’ll want to select those that have a medium coarseness. This contrasts with the coffee beans that you would use if you were going to make classic drip coffee. 

After brewing your coffee, it’s recommended that you dilute it with the liquid of your choice. Perhaps the best way to do this is to add your favorite creamer so that you can get a cold brew that’s rich in flavor as well as consistency. 

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Sunkissed Kitchen boasts one of the best cold brew coffee recipes on the web. With its powerful and satisfying flavor, their thirst-quenching coffee reflects the site’s attention to detail. 

For the perfect cup, Sunkissed Kitchen notes that you’ll need to pay attention to the finer details. For example, you’ll want to brew your cup slowly over a long period of time with water that’s either cold or left at room temperature. 

Next, they provide two fabulous ways to make an incredible cold brew: the French Press and the Mason Jar Method. Both approaches can be used for an incredible cup of coffee—but which one is right for you? 

For the French Press method, you’ll want to first grind or blend your coffee beans (coarsely ground). Then, you’ll need to place them in a French press and add room-temperature water. If you plan to go this route, expect long brewing times as you’ll need to wait at least twelve hours (twenty-four if you want to brew it in the refrigerator). 

Next, simple filter out your coffee grounds and pour your brew over ice and enjoy! If you’re wanting to try the Mason Jar method, you’ll find that it’s much the same—only you’ll be brewing your coffee in a mason jar instead of a French press. Simply use a cheesecloth to filter out the coffee grounds when your brew is finished before serving it over ice. 

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When your coffee recipe is coming from a site called Damn Delicious, you can be sure you’re in for a treat. And that’s just what you’ll find with this simple, yet delicious, iced coffee recipe. 

Damn Delicious bills the recipe as one that’s both “budget-friendly” and possibly better than the brews you’ll find in your local coffee shops. How’s that for tempting? 

Best of all, their recipe is one that even beginners should be able to make. This allows even those on a tight budget to enjoy reasonably-priced iced coffee—every day of the week. 

To do this, Damn Delicious notes that one must first have good-quality coffee beans. This helps ensure that you end up with a final product that will leave you satisfied. If you’re into coffee drinking, you likely already have a favorite brand of coffee beans. If not, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the flavor that’s right for you. 

As Damn Delicious notes, this recipe is one best started the night before you intend to drink your coffee. Why? It allows it to cool down to room temperature, keeping your ice from melting quickly. 

You may choose to make some syrup to flavor your coffee, or you can buy it in the store. Simply add your desired ingredients—such as milk, sugar, or syrup—and pour it over ice for the perfect flavorful cup. 

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Like some other recipes on our list, Vanilla and Bean notes that there are a number of different ways to brew their coffee. Like others, however, they also contend that the French press and mason jar are two of the simplest. 

To make this delicious recipe, you’ll only need to coarsely grind some coffee beans and place them in the container of your choice. Next, pour the water over them—don’t stir—and place a lid on your container. Now, you’ll want to let it brew for 12 hours (24 if you’re putting it in the fridge). 

When this is finished, simply use a mesh strainer to separate your cold brew from coarse grounds and other debris. Put your new cold brew in a jar or container for safekeeping and mix it with water, milk, or the creamer of your choice. 

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If you’re looking for a wonderful-tasting, smooth cold brew, Flavor the Moments has the recipe for you! To make coffee with this incredible recipe, you’ll only need a French press and a cheesecloth. 

Like the other cold brew recipes on our list, this favorite requires the use of coffee beans that have been coarsely ground. This proves to be one of the major differences in the preparation methods of traditional drip and cold brew coffees. 

To steep your coffee, you’ll want to make sure that you’re only using cold water. Remember, hot water is a no-no in all cold brew recipes, with some—such as this one from Flavor the Moments—calling for cold water only. 

You’ll want to steep your coffee for at least twelve hours. Keep in mind that the longer you steep it, the stronger your coffee will taste.

Making this recipe with a French press is simple—you’ll simply need to grind the coffee beans with the press, add water, and stir before placing the lid back on and steeping for twelve hours. 

If you’re using a jar, however, you’ll need to have a cheesecloth handy so that you can strain your coffee after brewing. This helps ensure that you have a smooth, clean cold brew ready to be enjoyed. 

Keep in mind that you can make your blend even smoother by adding milk, water, or creamer.

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Chow Hound makes it easy to follow their great-tasting cold brew recipe! To get started, you’ll simply need 4.5 ounces of coarsely-ground coffee and 3.5 cups of water. 

You’ll want to steep these coffee grounds in a mason jar, French press, or other container, for at least twelve hours. If you prefer to refrigerate while brewing, expect this to take as long as twenty-four hours. 

When you serve, be sure to pour it over ice, with your choice of milk, water, or creamer.

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The Cookie Rookie claims to offer the best iced coffee recipe that you’ll ever try. Their incredible recipe involves making a mind-blowing cold brew that you’ll have to try to believe. 

Simply start with coarsely-ground coffee beans and steep them in cold water for twelve hours. After straining the grounds from your brew, serve over ice and add milk, water, or creamer as desired. 

This recipe proves to be one of the most flexible and gives you the room to choose the brand of coffee and creamer you like best. 

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A Couple Cooks recommends making this cold brew overnight so that you can avoid the long steeping times. Because you’ll want to steep this coffee in cold water for at least twelve hours, this strategy helps ensure that you won’t get tempted to taste your coffee before it’s ready. 

For this recipe, you’ll want coarsely-ground dark roast coffee and electric grinder, filtered water, a container, and a large pitcher. 

After grinding your coffee (you’ll want to use a ratio of 1:4 of coffee grounds to water), add to a large container and steep with cold water. Refrigerate while brewing and wait twenty-four hours before adding milk, creamer, or water and serving over ice. 

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This wonderful recipe from Taste of Home is easy to make and provides a quality cold brew. 

Taste of Home notes that dark roasted, coarsely-ground coffee works the best, with a coffee to water ratio of 1:8. This differs from other recipes that call for a 1:4 ratio—so you may want to play around with it depending on how strong you want your coffee. 

This unique recipe calls for adding one cup of “simmering, not boiling” water to your coffee grounds for ten minutes. Taste of Home notes that this releases carbon dioxide and more flavor from the beans, creating a tastier brew. However, because many recipes don’t call for anything other than cold water, they note you may want to skip this step. Should you go this route, simply add another cup of cold water to the recipe. 

After ten minutes, add in 6 to 7 cups of cold water and stir before refrigerating for 12, 16, or even twenty-four hours. When this is done, use a sieve to strain out the coffee from the grounds. 

Then, you’ll just need to mix with milk, creamer, or water and serve over ice for an incredible cup of cold brew coffee!

Enjoying cold brew coffee doesn’t have to be limited to trips to the local café. 

You can save time and money by making your own cold brew right at home! 

With these ten amazing recipes, you can become a master barista and learn to whip up the perfect cup of cold brew every time!

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