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The Benefits Low Acid Coffee

Coffee is enjoyed the world over, but many people might enjoy more of it if it weren’t for the heartburn that coffee can sometimes cause. 

Low acid coffee or no acid coffee brands are a great option for people who are prone to digestive complaints that include heartburn or acid reflux.

Coffee offers people a surprising array of health benefits. If you love the taste and exquisite comfort that coffee provides but are concerned about heartburn, you can switch to low acid coffee.

There are a number of popular brands that are renowned for their low acid and delectable taste.

Here’s an overview of our Top Low Acid Coffee:

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee, in general, offers a wide range of health benefits according to research.

In fact, Johns Hopkins Medicine reports that coffee features many properties that support good health.

When enjoyed in moderation, coffee is known to reduce the risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and diabetes. It may also help ward off kidney disease.

Medical science also suggests that coffee can provide protection against disease for the liver and may lower a person’s risk for getting diseases like colon cancer or Alzheimer’s. 

What Are the Benefits of Low Acid Coffee?

Drinking low acid coffee still affords people with the same health benefits as regular coffee. In fact, even decaf coffee supports many health benefits (the caffeine in coffee, however, is associated with a reduced risk for the development of Parkinson’s disease).

The main benefit of drinking low acid coffee, low acid decaf coffee, or no acid coffee is that a person is likely to experience fewer–if any–negative gastrointestinal effects. This is because low acid coffees are milder and produce less inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. 

People who suffer from commonplace gastrointestinal complaints like periodic upset stomach, heartburn, or gastritis should switch their coffee to low acid. Low acid coffee brands produce less acid in the stomach and that meets fewer bouts of heartburn and other unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms.

People who are sensitive to gluten or lactose intolerant report fewer stomach complaints as well. This is because low acid or no acid coffees will not cause the same level of inflammation–or discomfort–that a regular cup of coffee might cause for people with these conditions.

A person with peptic ulcers should also switch too no acid / low acid coffees to reduce the risk of upsetting their ulcer. 

Is Low Acid Coffee Hard to Find?

Low acid coffee is surprisingly easy to purchase these days thanks to the convenience of the internet and shopping platforms like Amazon.

Coffee lovers will find a wide array of low acid and no acid coffees for sale online today. Many producers are now marketing their coffees specifically as low acid so that customers can find these products more easily.

In the past, coffee drinkers could take a chance with a dark roast because the longer the coffee beans are roasted, the less acid they’re known to produce. 

And, before you worry that you’ll be stuck with a tepid brew in your mug, we’ve tried to take some of the guesswork out of your shopping experience.

Not all low acid coffees boast that rich, delightful flavor that you expect. However, the following low acid coffee brands are infused with the robust coffee taste you’ll love.

Look for the following low acid coffees the next time you shop online.

LifeBoost Coffee

Featuring beans produced in Nicaragua, LifeBoost Coffee routinely makes ‘best of’ low acid coffee lists.

This brand features ultra-low acidity but is also grown without any pesticides, GMOs, or chemicals, making it an ultra-healthy option.

In fact, even if you don’t have gastrointestinal complaints to speak of, you’re likely to enjoy this brand’s rich, smooth taste as well as its more healthful production.

With its full-bodied tastes, you’re apt to forget that this is low acid coffee.

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Caffe Vita

Featuring flavorful hints of caramel, dried figs, and chocolate, Caffee Vita is a delicious low acid coffee that boasts medium-roasted coffee beans and a full-bodied taste.

Made with coffee beans grown in the Lekis regions of East Timor, Caffee Vita recommends brewing this coffee in a French press to squeeze all its rich flavor into your cup.

When drinking this brew, don’t be surprised to note the presence of toasted marshmallow and cocoa.

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Volcanica roasts its beans in its innovate Atlanta, Georgia, plant, but its coffee beans actually hail from Sumatra and Brazil.

Volanica’s low acid coffee is known for its smooth, exotic taste that has a bit of a sweet-syrup finish.

The worldwide coffee community routinely praises this brand as among the best in the world. Its beans are certified as Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance approved.

The company’s hallmark, not surprisingly, is to import its beans from the world’s richest volcanic coffee-producing regions.

If you’re ready to try a low acid variety, be sure to check out this brand.

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Java Planet Low Acid Coffee

Java Planet Low Acid Coffee is organic, full bodied, and revered for its fruity undertones.

This brand features single-origin coffee beans from the rich coffee-growing lands of Colombia.

The coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified and doesn’t skimp on flavor in spite of its low acidity.

Since it’s produced without pesticides or chemicals, it’s a healthier option than many other brands on the market today. 

Tips to Choose Low Acid Coffee Brands

When you visit sites like Amazon to shop for low acid coffee, you might want to search for roasters who source their beans from countries like Peru, Guatemala, Sumatra, and Mexico.

Beans from these lands tend to be naturally low in acid, so you’re off to a great start with these beans even before the producer takes steps to reduce the acid content of their coffee.

Also, be sure to drink your low acid coffee when it’s fresh. The longer the coffee sits, the more acidity it will produce. 

If you suffer from gastrointestinal complaints, you don’t have to give up coffee. You simply need to switch to a low acid coffee brand. Order a few different types on Amazon to discover your favorites.

The brands outlined here have a huge fan base, but there are many others that are popular with coffee lovers too. By switching to low acid coffee, you can continue to enjoy its taste and health benefits.

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